Future’s Guardian

From another time and from another world, Galatea Future arrived in the world of the Champions to do the one thing she tried so desperately to avoid before… to live.

It’s not easy, though, when you’re over a thousand years old and suddenly you’re given a new life in more ways than one.  Life is literally starting over again for her, and yet she is still doing what she does best: serving humanity as…


Comic Issues:

Issue #1
“Return of the Guardian”  (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
It’s been a year since Galatea Future left the public eye.  What has happened since then?  And what will bring her back?

Future's Guardian #2
Issue #2
“The Man From U.N.T.I.L.” (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
Ronin Omega investigates the death of Foreclosure, but he’s not the only one to do so as UNTIL sends in their own special agent. Plus, we are introduced to Starlett.

Issue #3

“Vox Populii” (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
What happens when Galatea Future faces an enemy that she cannot fight?

FG-TBA  FG-TBA(Alternate Cover)
Issue #4

“Best Supporting Actress” (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
While Galatea Future races to save the life of Mayor Biselle, Starlett steps up to confront a hitman sent to kill the otherworld guardian.

Issue #5

“The Hunt”  (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
It’s Hunter versus the Hunted… but which one is which?  The stress of the hunt affects both Galatea Future and her best friend, and she realizes she cannot do this by herself!

Issue #6

“Consequences” (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
Following the events of the previous issue, questions are raised about Galatea’s actions and her origins. But while she tries to deal with that problem, a new figure appears in Millennium City with a mission. Can the city survive the arrival of THE NATIONALIST?

Issue #7

“The Crucible Crusade” (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
“Psilence of Conscience” Begins Here!  As Athena Rose Fairmore’s latest book is about to be released, Galatea Future discovers that The Nationalist has cemented his place in Millennium City with the help of some influential friends.  What will the otherworld guardian do when the “passionate crusader” starts to focus his attention on Galatea’s friends and acquaintances?

Future's Guardian #8
Issue #8

“One City Under The Nationalist” (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
“Psilence of Conscience” Continues! It’s Galatea Future versus The Nationalist!  Who will win?  Plus, what is happening to one of Galatea’s friends?

Future's Guardian #9
Issue #9

“Psyche-Out!” (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
“Psilence of Conscience” Continues! A very familiar-looking hero has arrived in Millennium City looking for Galatea Future. But is she who she thinks she is? And if so, why does she know something about Galatea Future that nobody else knows?

Issue #10

“Mother May…” (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
“Psilence of Conscience” Continues! Galatea Future is looking for Candace Sinclair, but she isn’t the only one. Galatea is also looking for the woman claiming to be Psyche, and she also isn’t the only one. Will anyone find whom they’re looking for?

Issue #11

“Malizia’s Turn” (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
“Psilence of Conscience” Continues! Look out Millennium City!  Malizia is out and about and ready to remake the city.

Issue #12
“Malizia’s Wrath” (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
It all comes to a head in this hyper-sized conclusion of the “Psilence of Conscience” storyline!

Issue #13

“Go West, Galatea” (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
Following what was the worst day in her re-purposed life in the world of the Champions, Galatea Future eagerly accepts a new mission that takes her out to the radioactive area known as “Burning Sands”.  Meanwhile, Starlett is struggling to settle in with the changes to her life.  However, Markman Gold is seeking to use what he knows to get vindication.

Issue #14

“To Bold Discoveries…” (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
Following the events of Issue #13, Galatea finds herself in a strange place and in a strange life. Where is she is a surprise. What happens next will shock you. Find out how it ties in with the recent events in “The Crucible”, and be prepared for a most unexpected cameo appearance.

Issue #15

“Leap” (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
For the past few years, the latest member of the “legacy warriors”, John Battle, has been making Millennium City his home. He’s been pretty busy between taking on the various criminal gangs and also getting to know the sword-wielding vigilante Starlett. But now his family’s legacy and his own reputation are about to be challenged. And the timing could not get any worse as Major Cross get a visit from an old friend with some bad news that affects the whole team.

Issue #16

“Aggravation” (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
The “Legacy Warrior” John Battle’s life has been turned upside-down with new accusations of fraud and of selling out tribal lands to the notorious resource-scavenging conglomerate ARGENT. Now a virtual prisoner in his own loft, he’s having to let others investigate the accusations being made against him. But all their leads seem to end up nowhere.  Meanwhile, an amateur hero has made it his mission to bring John Battle down, and he is willing to do anything to make it happen, including go after John’s friends and loved ones.  All this plus… the debut of Red Sinner!

Issue #17

“The Real ‘Real Truth'” (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
It’s time for the real truth about the “Real Truth” to come out!  But will it be enough to prove that the “Legacy Warrior” John Battle is innocent of the charges of privateering Native American lands?  It all comes to a head with this climactic issue!

FG-TBA(In Production)
Issue #18

Title TBA (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
Summary To Be Announced

Issue #19

Title TBA (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
Summary To Be Announced

Issue #20

Title TBA (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)
Summary To Be Announced


Series Disclaimer:

Future’s Guardian is created using original characters in the Champions Online Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game.  Copyright © 2014, Perfect World Entertainment, Inc. This comic series is an independent not-for-profit derivative work of the Champions Online Game. All original rights are reserved by Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment Inc.. Cryptic Studios is a trademark of Cryptic Studios, Inc. Perfect World Entertainment is a trademark of Perfect World Entertainment Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Battlerock Comics is a subsidiary of Get Brutal Productions.  Neither Battlerock Comics nor Get Brutal Productions make any claim on the content owned by the above-mentioned companies.

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5 comments on “Future’s Guardian

  1. Good to see you’re carrying on with the comics ‘Rock and that the CCC is still around. Didn’t realise MMO Comic Index was around because there was no update on the old Index site and the Facebook group can’t be viewed without and account.

    I don’t mean any offence but your new logos don’t seem up to your usual standard if you have use for either http://wp.me/a1Og82-25d or http://wp.me/a1Og82-25e please feel free to use them…

    • Thanks! We kept the MMO Comic Index quiet until recently because it wasn’t really configured yet for registration and it still needed logos. Ra and myself have been adding both new and old material. It’s still a work-in-progress, but getting there. Hopefully we’ll also have the forums set up as well.

      Thanks also for the new logos. They look good!

  2. Thoroughly impressed! I wish I could help. If there’s anything I can do to help, please send me an email! I’d be glad to just edit your text for you! Good job on this!

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